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Testimonial - Very relaxing and we bought many local tea as gifts for friends and family. - United Kingdom, 2009


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It all began from 1857 until the mining boom of 1880. The glint of tin promised riches and
attracted an influx of pioneers from across the Asian region to the muddy junction of the two
rivers, Sungai Lumpur (now Sungai Gombak) and Sungai Kelang. We meet Mamat, Meng and
Muthiah, three friends who came to this frontier town of Kuala Lumpur in search of opportunities
and a new life.
Through their journey we encounter a host of colourful characters, each with their own enduring
personalities and stories. Together these characters and stories form the cultural mosaic of what
we all now know as modern Kuala Lumpur.


View MUD: Story of Kuala Lumpur (The Musical) Tour!

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We are proud to share with you that Asian Overland Services Tours & Travel has been appointed as the official agent for Dinoscovery Exhibition.


Kuala Lumpur’s latest Family Attraction!

The Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live!


Venue                                  : Discoveria, Avenue K (opposite Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC))  

Opening Hours                    : 10am to 10pm daily (last admission at 9pm)

A highly exhilarating experience, both educational and entertaining for the whole family! 

Dinoscovery combines educational value and is physically fun and mentally stimulating for the whole family. You will be time wrapped to the Age of Dinosaurs; see how the larger-than-life dinosaurs move and hear them roar in their habitat and you can even get your hands on, and feel dinosaur poop!

The interactive exhibition with life-size Mesozoic Era animatronic dinosaurs has 15 attractions. The star of the show is the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based scavenger hunt known aptly as the Dino Quest. The hunt propels visitors as paleontologists on the hunt for ferocious dinosaurs and unique specimens.  Visitors can also watch a short dinosaur documentary in the 3D cinema.


Please contact us for tickets and special family packages.




For bookings or more details, please contact our Reservation or Sales staff.

You may write to sales@asianoverland.com.my or log into www.aosclick.com to book.




Ulu Muda Rainforest is located on the north-east of Kedah, bordering Thailand. Located in the north of Peninsular Malaysia, it is the northen mast large contiguous forest landscape in the country. It's only a 2.5 hours drive from Georgetown, Penang.

It is home to all 10 Hornbill species found in Malaysia, in total, Ulu Muda boasts over 270 species of birds and counting!. Ulu Muda has been listed as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Long known for its rich mega fauna, the Asiatic Elephant, Malayan Tiger, Gaur, Malayan Tapir, and 7 species of primates are found here. Their hunting calls are frequently heard at dawn and dust. Holds more than 450 species of flowering plants and large areas of Ulu Muda remain unexplored and unstudied, the number of species is expected to increase. An interesting recent find is Bukit Labu, a limestone hill with several caves that was discovered as recently as 2006.

Earth Lodge is a small ecolodge and field research center, consisting of seven duplex cabins, fourteen comfortable rooms. All come with a balcony and attach bathroom. Although, some guests may prefer to bathe in the cool river!. You can also just laze around the lodge grounds listening to nature's jungle music and being awakened by the melodious call of the Gibbons!

Those who seek for a serious nature, get a chance to experience Malaysia's renowned and largest rainforest. Click Ulu Muda Rainforest: A Date with Nature Package for a passionate experience!.

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